This Isn’t Temping…

I am having a strange problem.

Even though I am not working, I am working too much. The temp job I took that was two days a week has become a full-time commitment. They lost a staff person, the woman who supervised me (I call her a woman, but she was at least 5 years younger than I am), and the organization asked me to fill in while they figure out next steps. No raise, just more hours. I have taken on extensive operational responsibilities, which was not really a part of the original conversation.

I thought that temping would mean going to a bunch of different places for a few days, answering phones, entering data, not needing to talk to anyone. The organization where I work now has asked me to step in and take over a lot of work, and I agreed. But I keep hearing this voice in the back of my head yelling “But I don’t work here!” I feel a huge sense of responsibility towards my work, I am asked to take on complex, long-term tasks, I have access to a large amount of sensitive data, and I am interacting with clients on a daily basis.

What angers me is the lack of communication and advocacy on my behalf from my temp agency, as I asked them to negotiate for more money and they didn’t. I also think the organization that  I work for needs to recognize that I am a really good temp and they are taking advantage of my skills in a major way. They apparently contended that I was able to come and go as I needed, and that they  didn’t have any extra money to pay for me (even though they definitely will be paying me 2.5 times more than before, because of my increased hours).

I feel taken advantage of, and this isn’t a good feeling to have. I have more work than I can handle every day, and little to no supervision right now, a function of vacations and people being new to the organization. We are muddling through. I was hoping for less responsibility so I could rest up before my next big working adventure, which I am starting to believe will be really stressful. They have not made any noises about offering me the job that is currently open and that I am currently doing. They know that it is not what I am looking for and that I am overqualified.

This isn’t temping!

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  1. DanS said:

    Put this in the same bag as the ever-expanding world of no-pay internships that get by as “experience.”. They don’t have ‘extra money’ (is there any such thing as extra money in business?) to pay you? What that means is that they have enough to pay the temp agency your wage plus the fee, which is a lot loss than the cost of paying you for full-time work and benefits. Do they have insufficient funds for that? Maybe. Maybe they just like being cheap. And knowing they can let you go the moment work slows.

    I think everyone I know who has temped wound up getting hired to full- time.

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