Paid Sick Leave for New Yorkers

Paid sick leave for workers in small to medium-sized businesses is an issue that’s been on the table for a while here in NYC. On a personal level, I think that coming to work sick is a terrible idea, and that passing illness around and office (let alone a restaurant!) is unnecessary and just plain gross. But as an hourly worker, I can’t imagine giving up a whole day unless I was really on death’s door. Oh, paid time off, you fickle mistress! As a small business owner, I am sure that the cost-benefit analysis is different from industry to industry. But encouraging New Yorkers to stay home and recuperate when truly ill seems like a no-brainer to me, and requiring businesses to pay for 40 hours per worker per year just doesn’t seem that out of control.

Thanks to Garth, one of my favorite human, for writing this post!

Link: Gothamist: Most New Yorkers Think They Deserve Paid Sick Days, Survey Says



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