Positive Reinforcement

Sometimes, all I think about is how I am “unemployed” or “underemployed” and it bums me out. It’s a drag.

But actually, I have done a lot of things in the last 9 months:

  • applied for at least 70 jobs, and gone on at least 20 interviews
  • started this blog, which now has almost 210 posts and 5000 views
  • learned to knit, and made three scarves (one for each of my immediate family members) plus a cowl that is for me that is almost done!
  • started Bikram yoga (again)
  • kept running
  • managed to pay my rent on time every month despite not having a consistent income
  • taught myself how to make curry at home, instead of ordering out
  • made 80 cold calls in one morning
  • taught a workshop for individual artists
  • quit working for someone who was verbally abusive to me and to others

These are all big, real accomplishments. A year ago, I was running, but I wasn’t doing much of the other stuff on this list.

Not all accomplishment are financial. Not all accomplishments come with a title. That’s okay with me.


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  1. Ah such a good way of thinking! Realizing that there are ways to measure accomplishments, success, and progress other than just consistent employment is necessary to stay positive enough to keep doing those other things. Thanks for this, it’s nice to know that other people think about this stuff too!

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