Otis Redding Radio

Today, I work alone. We don’t have any renters because it’s New year’s Eve and everyone else is taking a vacation, like normal people do.

I’m here because I just took 10 days off (two days of comp time and a week of unpaid vacation, my wallet is so sad).

But guess what is the best thing ever? You all already know about this, but Pandora internet radio is the best thing ever. I first learned about this in grad school when my Consumer Behavior prof at the Columbia Business School taught us all about the algorithm as part of some lecture. I have had a personal account since then, but I have never been able to listen to music at work. Today will be full of dance breaks as I send out tax receipts to donors, update cash flow documents, and make adjustments to the website for our upcoming shows.

Sam Cook and Otis Redding Radio wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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