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“What we actually need is a much more radical reinterpretation of the human being’s relationship to work”

Thank you, Hannah Rosin, for being awesome. Also, by human being, I presume you mean  American knowledge worker, for whom all these “take a nap” articles are presumably written?


Today I showed up my workplace to discover that someone had left a faucet running and flooded the bathroom. I mopped it up.

I also had a prospective renter tell me that I was really good at helping her think through details for her performance. I felt really proud of that. 

I am trying to let the good of today outweigh the bad. To that end, I am leaving early to go drop off a grant application and then join a gym so that I can work off some of this intense anger. 

Vacations make you more productive!

I’ve been saying this for years. Especially in the arts, where the creative mind can be hard to take, and where organizations and staff are under-resourced, the answer always just seems to be to work all the time.

I worked yesterday, and it was my 13th day in a row of doing some work, though not always at the office. 

Today, I make pizza and probably read most of Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers

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