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Eli Broad Holds Back Some Pledges To LA MoCA from ArtsJournal: Daily Arts News by ArtsJournal

“Billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad hasn’t made scheduled payments to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles because the institution has $2.1 million in grants it hasn’t put toward exhibitions. … The missed payments come at a time when concerns over finances at the museum have resurfaced after four prominent artists quit MoCA’s board last month.” Bloomberg 08/09/12
Is this museum going to close its doors and dissolve its Board? Are museums the worst? (Hint: yes, but I have a dog in this fight)

There is this great joke in an early season of The (American) Office. Michael if giving an interview about Jim Halpert, wondering aloud if Jim is really right for a manager’s job at their company since “it takes him (Jim) 30 minutes to do a project that would take me all afternoon.”

I love workplace humor in general, but this gets me every single time. The perception of laziness, the inability to understand efficiency, the underlying jealousy…it’s so brilliant and silly.

“Michael Scott: Jim Halpert. Pros: Smart, cool, good-looking. Remind you of anybody you know? Cons: Not a hard worker. I can spend all day on a project, and he will finish the same project in half an hour. So that should tell you something.” (From Beach Games, Episode 3.22)

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